Hunting With You Since 1979

What makes these hunts different?

We believe that a hunt must be more than an animal, a stalking and a shot. It should be more than the sun of its parts. We also believe that a challenge can help you grow and a hunt can shake the soul. We create worthwhile trips, for the hunter, for the host and for the world.

Our destinations

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page — Augustine of Hippo


Find inspiration for your next hunt and get advice from friends who have been there before.

Mr. Jerel and Ms. Stephanie Wottrich. TEXAS
Mr. Viktor Penteck , Hungria
Mr. Sven Herlin Kaiser. CHILE
Miss Melissa Bachman. MINNESOTA
Mr. Dean Capuano. RHODE ISLAND
Mr. Morgan Tyler. TEXAS
Mr. Richard L. Mahan. ARKANSAS
Mr. Roy Reed , CA , USA
Mr. Alex Hoover , KY , USA
Mr. Joe Centeno , CA , USA
Mr. Christ Chimits , NV , USA
Mr. Nathan Rixman , MN , USA
Mr. Norman Epley , CA, USA
Mr. Ralph Ferraro , CO, USA
Mr. Tomas McDonalds , PA, USA
Mr. Stephen Williams, CA, USA
Mr.Richard Katsma , NV , USA
Mr. Todd Hammer , PA , USA
Mr. Tayler Casey , IA , USA
Mr. Stephen Akers , VA, USA
Mr. Carl Anderson , MN , USA
Mr. Ross Wholert , PA , USA
Mr. John Mussel , CA, USA
Mr. Jim Hebe , PA , USA
Mr. Greg Platt , CO , USA
Mr. Dereck Amadio , WY, USA
Mr. Danny Spindler , IN , USA
Mr. Craig Bade , MI , USA
Mr. Collin Farrell , Escocia
Mr. Philipp Kunze, Austria
Mr. Chistian Borjessön, Switzerland
Mr. Stoyan Trifonov , Bulgary
Mr. Radeck Rodisiek , Poland
Mr. Alexander Pavel , Russia
Mr. Leon Sacre, France
Mr. Jose Moreno , Chile
Mr. John Stephen , Canada
Mr. Gerhard Walter , Germany
Berdegue Family , Mexico
Miss. Tania Kaiser , Southafrica
Mr. Manuel Carona , Portugal
Mr. Attie Van Niekerk , Southafrica
Mr. Ramsey , Scotland
Mr. Patricio Galilea , Chile
Mr. Max Strauss , Germany
Mr. Bernhard J.Söllner , Austria
Mr. Mariano Moncalvillo , Argentina
Mr. Patricio Geijo , Argentina
Mr. Borja Ara , Spain
Mr. Borja Garnica , Spain
Mr. Adrian Jareño , Spain
Dr. Abilio Calderon , Spain
Mr. Marcelino Martin, Spain
Mr. Fernando O´Connor, Spain
Mr. Gonzalo Peña , Spain
Mr. Diego Guerra , Spain
Mr. Andres Perez-Sierra , Spain
Mr. Francisco Leyva , Spain
Mr. Javier Gª Rodulfo, Spain
Mr. Jose Mª Collar , Spain
Mr. Luis Pidal , Spain
Mr. Mariano de Jove , Spain
Mr. Luis Villalba , Spain
Mr. Miguel Cerro , Spain
Mr. Mario Barquero , Spain
Mr. Rafael Dueñas , Spain
Mr. Juan Pulido, Spain
Mr. Pablo Nerecan , Spain

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We believe that vacations should be more than a hotel room, a flight and a rental car. We create customized personal trips, trips for a true hunter and lover of nature, where memories will be indelible from your memory.

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